La Sylphide (Full Length) / Carmen (Highlights) / Romeo & Juliet (Balcony scene) / Ballet Concert
Sumire Ogata & Andrew Killian
Andrew Killian
Sakura Hasegawa & Chauncey Parsons
Chie Kogamori & Colby Parsons
Mariko Honda & Colby Parsons
Yuka Saito & Brian Simcoe
Rie Inenaga & Colby Parsons
Tae Kogamori & Brian Simcoe.
star guests / overseas

star guests / japan
» Yasuyo Omoto(Ms)
(Senior Principal: Momoko Tani Ballet)
» Yuka Saito(Ms)
(Principal: Nagata Ballet, Tokyo)

We welcomed Australian Ballet’s Andrew Killian, who stepped in for an injured Ty King-Wall, and Alberta Ballet’s Colby Parsons to the 2014 Festival, which also saw the return of festival favourites Chauncey Parsons, Brian Simcoe, Yasuyo Omoto, Yuka Saito and Makino Hayashi.

The festival was held over 3 nights in July.


Andrew Killian's biography may be found here

Colby Parsons hails from Santa Barbara, CA. He started his training at the Santa Barbara Ballet Center before moving to Los Angeles, Philadelphia and finally New York City where he finished his studies at the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School at American Ballet Theatre. Colby's performances from last season include the roles of Death in Mozart's Requiem, the Cavalier in The Nutcracker, and Cassio in Othello. His favourite roles are James in La Sylphide and the Cavalier in The Nutcracker.

11th July 2014
12th July 2014
13th July 2014
Momochi Palace
7/11 : Ballet Concert / Romeo & Juliet (Balcony scene)
7/12 : Ballet Concert /Carmen (Highlights)
7/13 : Ballet Concert / Romeo & Juliet (Balcony scene) / La Sylphide (Full Length)

guests / other

» Shiho Kawaguchi(Ms)
(Tokyo City Ballet)
» Kazuhisa Hiyama(Mr)
(Principal: Momoko Tani Ballet)
» Yuki Tomikawa(Mr)
(Shimada Ballet Institute)
» Keita Yasumura(Mr)
» Sakura Hasegawa(Ms)
(Minokami Mayumi Ballet)
» Saeko Hamada (Ms)
(Sakamoto Ballet)
» Oh Kubota(Mr)
(Soloist: Free)
» Masahiro Fujiwara(Mr)
(Soloist: Free)
» Haruka Sasaki(Ms)
» Saori Kohara(Ms)
(Etoile Ballet)
» Daisuke Ito(Mr)
(Soloist: Free)
» Masanori Yoshika(Mr)
(Soloist: PAC Movement)
» Yoshimitsu Kodama(Mr)
festival dancers

(Free / Festival B.)
(Free / Festival B.)
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(Free / Festival B.)
(Free / Festival B.)
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